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New plans for private pensions – Age UK’s response

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In March, the Chancellor announced some dramatic changes to the rules on how people can access their pension pots from defined contribution schemes in his budget.  Age UK has just submitted its response to the Government’s formal consultation.

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The Queen’s Speech – What was good and what was missing

Photo by Michael Garnett licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic.

The changes to the private pensions system were the big announcements affecting older people in this year’s Queen’s Speech, bringing into effect the shake-up of the annuities regime that was announced in the Budget in March.

While these measures, if done properly, are very welcome, the Government missed a big opportunity to introduce legislation to protect more vulnerable older people from abuse, and to seriously address cold homes, which over a million older people are estimated to find themselves in every year.

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Too old and ugly to be useful? Challenging negative representations of older people

This guest blog was contributed by Dr Ilona Haslewood, Programme Manager at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

As part of the latest British Academy Debates series on ageing on 26 March, five contributors, including myself, discussed representations of older people  in literature, arts, culture and the media, under the somewhat challenging title of ‘Too old and ugly to be useful?. Ultimately, it was a foregone conclusion from the start: none of us could disagree with the basic claim that current representations are still overwhelmingly negative, showing older age as a period of decline, something to be fearful of. So what’s there to learn, then? A lot, it seems, both from history and from the present.

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Financial resilience as we approach retirement

This guest blog was contributed by Keith Richards, Chief Executive of the Personal Finance Society 

Pound coinsI have been involved in a series of consumer focused strategy meetings which formed part of a Financial Services Commission which was set up to examine how to improve financial resilience in later life – jointly chaired by Tom Wright, CEO of Age UK and Dr Alexander Scott CEO of the Chartered Insurance Institute.

Industry, consumer and regulatory leaders embraced the opportunity to debate and consider solutions to key later life financial challenges which included the dynamics of planning for later life, encouraging savings, changing public perception of industry trust, the development of good value and flexible financial products and increasing access to information and advice.

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