Age UK Lobbies Parliament on State Pension Age

On May 18th, we are organising a lobby of Parliament to protest about proposals on the State Pension Age in the Pensions Bill.

Clause 1 of the Bill brings forward the dates on which the State Pension Age (SPA) for women and men will be equalised at 65 to November 2018, with the male and female state pension age then rising to 66 by April 2020.

That would mean:

  • 4.9 million people waiting longer than expected to qualify for their state pensions – 2.3 million men and 2.6 million women
  • Around 300,000 women in Britain born between December 1953 and October 1954 having their SPA increased by 18 months or longer
  •  The worst affected group, 33,000 women born between 6th March and 5th April 1954 having their SPA increased by two years, losing on average £10,000 each.

Many of the women affected are carers or in poor health and working for longer may not be an option. They may have already reduced their working hours in the run-up to retirement or may be facing redundancy in the current recession.  These women face bridging a two year gap between their expected and new SPA, without enough time to plan properly.  They may have to manage on out of work benefits topped up with whatever savings they have managed to accumulate, risking poverty in retirement as modest savings are depleted early.

So the Bill would mean more inequality and more poverty for older women. They are being asked to bear an unfair burden.

And as people find out what the Bill means, they are getting angry. Typical comments to Age UK include: “This has come as a great shock to me and I am sure to thousands of other women. I have not slept properly and lie awake wondering how I will cope. We simply don’t have enough time to save money now to try to meet the shortfall”.

140 MPs have already signed up to an Early Day Motion backing this campaign. But we need more MPs to support it to help persuade the Government to change its mind. The lobby on May 18th is crucial.

If you are affected by the Pensions Bill, come along to our Lobby! Find out all the details and let us know you’re coming by visiting

If you would like more information on the campaign and how you can help, contact We need your support! 

6 thoughts on “Age UK Lobbies Parliament on State Pension Age”

  1. I’m worried because my husband is retired already but I took voluntary retirement 3 years ago after being a carer for nearly 10 years. I couldn’t find work. However before all this change came in I thought I just escaped the proposals being made, now I’m not so sure. I was born in September 1953 so do I receive my State pension at 60 or do I now have to wait until I am 63? I really would appreciate your advice. Also how do I cope if my husband was to suddenly die and I am with my State Pension? He only has a limited private pension of which I would receive only half? Would I be entitled to any benefits? I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. With so many people affected by the move to bring forward the increase to State Pension Age, particularly women, the Government does need to rethink its decision. It’s just impossible for vast numbers of people to find the extra money to stop work early, especially as our pensions when in payment have to go so much further now we’re living longer.

  3. Each time I personally get closer to recieving the state pension I paid full contributions for the age goes up is this LEGAL when I was promised my pension at 60 while paying for it? Surely there is some European law of human rights. I will be 59 next June and will have to go onto Jobseekers like my 54 year old (graduate) partner then we’ll be entitled to council tax benefit making us better off on Joobseekers than the pension!!! WHAT DOES THIS SAVE the taxpayer?

    1. Celia, I know exactly how you feel ! I worked all my life from the age of 16 and I turn 60 this year, having said that I took voluntary retirement some years ago to look after my then ageing mother. Of course I had enough “stamps” but couldn’t claim a penny from the State as I had £10 too much money in the bank !!! I recently received a letter from the DWP saying I had to wait another 5 years for my State Pension all because I was born in the wrong year. Can you believe it. Surely there must be a law within the EU that says if you have enough NI contributions you should receive your State Pension. I look forward to hearing how you get on.

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