Come and meet us at this year’s Party Conferences

With party conference season right around the corner, we wanted to give you a taste of what we have planned for each along with some details on our key priorities during this busy time.

In the coming months, we feel a key priority must be translating the landmark Dilnot Commission report into the reform of social care funding and legislation that allows everyone to plan for their future care needs. Social care services are in crisis and only a strong political commitment to short term financial support and long term reform will ensure that people can live without fear of needing social services in later life.

We are also in the process of major reforms to state and private pension provision. As a priority, we feel it is essential to ensure lower income and disadvantaged groups can build up resources that ensure retirement is a time of opportunity rather  than one where horizons are narrowed due to financial restrictions. At Conservative Party Conference, Age UK will be co-hosting ‘In Conversation with Iain Duncan Smith’ along with Prudential, Conservative Home and chair Fraser Nelson, to debate these timely issues.

We hope you can join us for this debate or one of our other fringe sessions at party conference. Our sessions will cover a wide range of these issues that impact on people in later life including social care reform, financial inclusion, health care reform and localism with our evening reception focusing on older in emergencies along with Help Age International (for more information visit

Further details on all of our fringe debates can be found by visiting

Be sure to visit our exhibition stands as well where we’ll be inviting delegates to tell each of the party leaders how they  think they are doing to improve later life. Each visitor will come face to face with their leader (virtually), taking a photograph to capture the moment and their comment.

Looking forward to hopefully seeing you there!

2 thoughts on “Come and meet us at this year’s Party Conferences”

  1. I know I speak for hundreds of thousands of women of my age group when I say please continue to fight against the government plans to raise our retirement age to 66 instead of the 64 we were promised. We just don’t have the time to rethink our plans, how can we manage two extra and totally unexpected years of either trying to carry on working or eking out our savings with only a few years notice. It is cruel and unreasonable to force us to do this.

  2. I hope that at the conference it would be agreed to join the ever growing number of MPs, Industry and the Public that are calling for a Reform of the present ill thought out Smoking Ban in our Pubs and Clubs, there is no doubt that the ban has been the cause of Social Isolation for thousands of OAPs who no longer visit “their”local or club because they CHOOSE to smoke and are not prepared to be Forced outside. Separate rooms or areas give All people a free choice both smoker and non smoker alike. Time to end the Prohibition and Discrimination.

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