New climate change project working with older people and voluntary sector

Squaring another cold summer with the risks of future climate change is always difficult as the autumn rain sets in. But scientific evidence has shown the impact that climate change will have on our day-to-day lives if we don’t prepare for change.

The long-term trends suggest that over the next 30 years we will see climate change due to the carbon that has already been emitted over the last 100 years.

We will experience hotter summers, with less rainfall and warmer winters, with heavier rainfall. We will see more irregular and unpredictable events such as the heatwave in 2003 or the floods in 2007.

There is growing awareness that some people such as children, vulnerable older people and those with health problems will be more at risk from the consequences. This makes preparing for climate change particularly important for organisations working with more vulnerable people, who may be disproportionately affected by changes in our climate.

Some people will be less resilient physically, financially or emotionally to deal with a major event like this. And we can see from recent events such as the Cockermouth flood that it is not only during the event that people, including the local Age UK, needed to react. There was ongoing work a year later to help the community recover.

Being prepared for climate change means being able to make informed choices about both avoiding risk and reacting to the unexpected.

Age UK is supporting a new project to support voluntary and community organisations understand the implications of climate change on their work and beneficiaries. NCVO are running this free programme for organisations based in London that work with older people.

You could benefit by signing up to this free programme, which helps you get to grips with climate change and help you plan for the future. The first workshop will be on 19 October.

2 thoughts on “New climate change project working with older people and voluntary sector”

  1. I believe a blog has great potential and climate change is an important subject. Another for pensioners is the change to CPI for calculating many pensions. Its effect was to drive me to create spreadsheets and a web site to see what it really meant in terms of lost income. AgeUK provides data on pensioner’s inflation which I used in the calculations. The web site link leads to the spreadsheets and their use.

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