State Pension Age Announcement – Not far enough?

After many months of campaigning, today’s announcement that women affected by the state pension age changes will wait a maximum of 18 months to claim their pension was welcome news for those women who would have had to wait up to 2 years. 

For many women though we understand that this change does not go near enough and appreciate entirely your disappointment and anger that the Government has not reversed its policy. We understand that you feel let down and angry. 

Age UK has worked with many of you to try and get the Government to  reverse its policy of speeding up the equalisation of SPA and increasing the SPA to 66 sooner than originally planned.   Today was an important step in the right direction, we like you wanted the Government to go further.

Find out more about the Government’s announcement

Author: Michelle Mitchell

Charity Director, Age UK

15 thoughts on “State Pension Age Announcement – Not far enough?”

  1. So the government thinks it is OK to be unfair to certain women born between 1953 and 1955 by only 18 months instead of 24 months, does it? I for one think it is still unacceptable. Especially when the National Insurance Fund, which is used to pay out all state pensions, has a surlus in it of over £40 billion. The government “borrows” this money and uses it for non pension related purposes. It is absolutely disgraceful.

  2. No it isn’t enough ! What difference does 6 months make ? The women affected still haven’t the time to adjust their retirement plans, there just isn’t time to save ! My own sister born April 1954 will only have 5 months knocked off her wait. She will have to work with osteo arthritis pain until she is 65 and 1/2. She will have to go on paying contributions towards keeping young fit unemployed people on benefits because of the lack of jobs because older unfit people will be tying them up. Going on the sick is not an option for her, she has never been a scrounger all her life and it wouldn’t be enough to live on anyway. Where is the money PierrePierpont mentions going ? The Coalition have broken their election promise and that will not be forgotten at the next election !

  3. I agree that this does not go far enough. People on the countdown to retirement have had the goalposts moved when it is too late to be able to do anything about it. I am too near 60 to make any financial provision to allow me to give up work at 60. If I had known about the change with at least 20 years to go I might have been able to do something about it! As with the previous comment I will be working with arthritis which will probably get worse as I get older and, as a primary school teacher, taking up a position that will be better served by a younger, fitter person!

  4. I absolutely agree that this does not go far enough. It is shameful. The Coalition should at least try to keep one promise they made pre-election and leave it at 64, we are already losing £20,000 worth of state pension that we have worked very hard for. In my opinion those women that have already paid their qualifying years should be allowed to receive their pension at 60. Every MP who supports this grossly unfair decision ought to hang their heads in shame. I don`t know how they sleep at night, its downright daylight robbery. This wouldn`t happen in any other European country. I shall continue to constantly lobby my MP and I urge all other women in this situation to do the same.

  5. Those who are on the outside of this issue may be forgiven for thinking woment of a certain age are having to work an extra 2 years or so to get their pension. The fact is that the goalposts have been moved by such a degree that women like myself are having to work an extra five years or more to get their pension. Too much emphasis is “an extra two years” or an extra “18 months” – very good spin ignores the reality for most of us.

  6. its a sugar pill ,the very least they could come up with,thinking we would be happy with the new decision,and is it legal to stop disabled who cant retire,claiming pension credit at 60,a bill that decides whether or not one can claim a retirement pension,has no relevance in terms of claiming old age pension,on RETIREMENT……. we cant retire as we dont work,so how does this bill apply to us ,we are losing 40 pounds a week pension credit,and surviving on 96 pounds a week,for 2 long poverty stricken years,what dont they understand about that,is there anyone out there with legal expertise,who would research,whether this bill is legal in relation to the above .

  7. Age UK continues to believe that the Government should have stuck to the Coalition Agreement which stated that women’s SPA would not start to rise to 66 until at least 2020. However, we welcomed the announcement because we recognise that the Government has listened to concerns to some extent and this is a significant financial commitment at a time of spending constraints. Having said that we do understand that, while the amendment will provide some help to those most affected, a delay of up to 18 months will still cause great difficulties and many are disappointed that more has not been done. We will be briefing Peers before the debate in the House of Lords on the 31st October.

  8. Our facebook group ‘Protest against acceleration of state pension age rise’ has over 50 members and some of us are emailing all the Lords and Ladies. We have been advised to point out that this age rise was not in the manifesto ! Anyone is welcome to join us, all the information is on our group, but we need to do this before Monday.
    THANK YOU Age UK for not giving up either !!!!

  9. The government gave us buttons, being expected to work another 18 months on top of the 4 years that was already added to my retirement age feels like a bomb dropping on me! How are we supposed to manage if we can’t keep up with our jobs until we’re 65½? They won’t allow us to go on the sick, they won’t allow us to be unemployed, they won’t allow us to retire! Yet they are after the young ones who can’t get work because the old ones are blocking jobs.The government promised they would not raise the age before 2020, they have betrayed us, they could easily have adopted the timetable tabled by the Labout party but they are too greedy, they would rather sacrifice my generation of women and get their hands on our money than show any fairness to us. I hope the Lords can block this bill and put right the unfairness.

    1. I absolutely agree with the previous comment. I shall be 65 1/2 b4 I can claim my state pension by which time I will have contributed full NI for 50 years as have most working women of my age. I can`t believe that this is actually happening. I shall be joining the `Protest against acceleration of state pension age rise` on Facebook and e-mailing all the Lords and Ladies as advised by Ruth above (Thanks Ruth). Lets hope we can at least try and persuade them to keep the retirement age for such women at 64.

  10. dear readers i wish i could get some kind of reasoning from our governments proposals with regards pension payments for women when you ladies have qualified for your retire ment . has this government caused enough destress by adding 5 years from the 60 year age retirement and then rubbing salt in wounds. a loss of £25000 + is hardly what decent payers need . Come on lets see some redress treat the decent people right and not the sick/lame /lazy .this seems to be “ALL IN NOWT OUT” attitude

  11. As usual some of us lose out. Work hard , longer , give everything away to people that dont deserve it. What a selvish country this is.The pen pushers get their say and we just sit back and take it! Well its about time we stop complaining and get something done. we woman haved worked hard for our pension and it should be everyone gets the same! I will have worked since I was 14 What the hell is going on with our Goverment. Weve done the time now its time we get the right Pension. Take the pension from some of the lazy, penpushers who dont give a toss about us . A loss of £25000 is nt what payers neeed. This time we need to dig our heels in. Its about time this Gov stopped playing mind games giving handouts to the wrong people and play fair.

    1. I have worked all my life and still pay into a system that is totally unfair and in directly corrupt towards decent people of the country that have served faithfully and were promised something in the future that was never to come to fruition.This government just turns its eyes the other way when all we are confronted with mis-selling on a grand scale all the way down the line which it includes all financial institutions.We cannot turn back time and this situation we faced with should never have come to this, it is just daylight robbery in a modern day situation. I believe that as i cannot go to another country and redress my situation , why is this government just allows all and sundry to come and claim anything and every thing at the expence of others and our livelihoods.YOU CANNOT JUST WALK ALL OVER THE DESENT PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY. Get your act together and stop ripping everyone off and treat everyone as they deserve.

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