Make your voice heard on environmental challenges

A new survey aims to raise the profile of your views on the environment.

Many older people are keen environmental activists. Yet people in later life feel their views on the environment are sidelined.

The Greener Wiser Manifesto, written by a taskforce of older people, said they wanted a much greater role in decision making about the environment and issues that affect their communities.

The environment touches many elements of our day to day life. Whether it is our choices on transport, energy or recycling they can all have an impact – for good or bad – on the environment.

Older people can also find themselves disproportionately affected by the consequences of environmental change, such as air pollution, flooding, heat waves and other natural disaster.

The EnviroSurvey55 will provide a snap shot of the current attitudes of over 55s to environmental issues. In an age of austerity and rising environmental scepticism, it is important that the views of over 55s on what can or cannot be done to reduce our impact on the environment are heard.

This is an international survey and is being launched by a consortium of older people’s organisations, led by the University of York’s Stockholm Environment Institute and Simon Fraser University’s Gerontology Research Centre (Canada).

Don’t let your views on environmental issues go ignored. We all have a stake in our environmental future. Please can you spare a few minutes to complete the survey.

3 thoughts on “Make your voice heard on environmental challenges”

  1. If you want as many people as possible to take part in this survey, YOU must sort out access to the site, not advise potential users that the problem is with their computer, not the site. I do not have problems accessing other sites, but cannot get into your survey pages.

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