It’s Cold Homes Week (1-5 February 2016)

An older man sitting by a windowThis week, Age UK is running Cold Homes Week, a week of action on fuel poverty and excess winter deaths.

During Cold Homes Week, Age UK is calling on the Government to reform its energy efficiency schemes to enable all older people to live in a warm home.

Last winter, 40,800 older people in England and Wales died from the cold. This shocking public health scandal claims the lives of many more people than die in road fatalities each year, yet the problem remains largely ignored.

That’s why throughout the week, we’ll be asking individuals and groups up and down the country to take part in a candlelight vigil to remember the 40,800 older people in England and Wales who died from the cold last winter. Get involved


During Cold Homes Week, we’ll be posting a series of blog posts about cold homes. Each day we’ll focus on a different aspect of the problem, we’ll share older people’s stories of how they are affected by cold homes and we’ll put forward the views of experts in their fields.

On Tuesday we’ll be talking about how the cold affects older people’s health. On Wednesday we’ll explore the importance of energy efficient housing. On Thursday we’ll discuss how partnership working can help tackle the problem. Finally, on Friday we’ll zoom in on park homes (static mobile homes) and our recent campaign for warm park homes.

Throughout the week, we will be calling for the Government to:

  • reform its energy efficiency programmes
  • make energy efficiency a national infrastructure priority
  • commit to bringing 2 million UK low income homes up to Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Band C by 2020 and all 6 million low income homes up to EPC Band C by 2025.


During Cold Homes Week, we are asking individuals to raise awareness of the problem of cold homes and excess winter deaths by taking a selfie holding a lit candle (either a real candle or an LED candle) and posting it with a campaign message on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Just follow these simple instructions to take part:

  1. Take your selfie, holding a lit candle or an LED candle
  2. From Monday February 1, upload your selfie onto Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (or all three!) using the following message: 40,800 older people in England and Wales died of the cold last winter. Join the vigil #coldisakiller @age_uk
  3. Ask the Government to ensure that all older people live in warm homes by signing up to Age UK’s campaign.

If you’re not on social media, don’t worry. You can still send us your photo and it will post it for you via its Twitter or Instagram accounts. Just email your name and photo to

Thank you for your support. To find out more and join the campaign, visit the Age UK website

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