Phasing out the Default Retirement Age

After many years of campaigning by Age UK and our predecessor organisations, the Government announced in July that it would be phasing out the Default Retirement Age (DRA) in 2011. This is great news for people approaching State Pension Age, as the choice of when they retire is effectively being handed back to them, with their employer no longer able to tell them to leave simply because of their age.

The Coalition Government made it clear that they would end this unfair practice, with a commitment to ‘phase out the DRA’ appearing in the Coalition Agreement. This was good news indeed, but nonetheless as the DRA is abolished there will undoubtedly be other issues that arise. The Government ran a consultation over the summer on how to achieve this aim, which raised some issues that will need to be faced by both businesses and employees. They did, however, offer a fairly firm timescale, with an end to retirement notices being issued after April 2011, and therefore no forced retirement at all from October.  Continue reading “Phasing out the Default Retirement Age”