Guest blog: The debate about age and insurance is changing

This guest post was contributed by Duncan Minty, an ethics consultant specialising in the insurance market. 

Insurers have always wanted to know lots of things about the people applying for a policy, so any trend that simplifies that is bound to be good, isn’t it? My first inclination would be to answer yes, but at the same time, I would then wonder what has changed.

Has insurance become simpler? That would be great, but seems a bit unlikely. Or are insurers obtaining the information they need from other sources? That seems more likely. After all, the much talked about digital era has resulted in huge amounts of data being created about how we shop, where we travel, what we ‘like’, etc. Continue reading

Guest blog: It’s our right to be safe at any age. How can we make it easier for older victims to get help?

This week we have a guest blog from the charity SafeLives to highlight how domestic abuse affects older people. 

Monsura Mahmud is a Domestic Abuse Prevention Adviser for the Silver Project, a specialist service for women aged 55 and over affected by domestic and sexual abuse. The project is run by Leading Lights-accredited Solace Women’s Aid and provides one-to-one support, as well as training professionals who come into contact with older victims.

In the first of two blogs, Monsura draws from the experiences of service users to highlight some of the challenges older women face when accessing support. Information regarding the scale of this issue can also be found in our new Spotlights series: Spotlight #1: Older people and domestic abuse. Continue reading

Age Champions Parliamentary Reception

Age Champions Parliamentary Reception

Age Champions Parliamentary Reception

Age UK held our Age Champions Parliamentary Reception in the House of Commons last Monday. Despite our event coinciding with one of the most eventful days in Parliament in recent years, we were delighted that over 50 MPs and Peers were able to attend and help to celebrate the achievements of our Age Champions, and hear about what actions they could take to make the UK a great place to grow older. Continue reading

Supporting Safe Driving into Older Age


This report from the Road Safety Foundation was recently published after a comprehensive two-year research project. Its findings are objectively based, and its recommendations are constructive. Above all, it takes the line that for many older people, driving is a key to their remaining socially active and engaged, and we must sustain that, and reject any wild accusations that older drivers are inherently a menace. Continue reading