Age-friendly financial capability

This blog was contributed by Barbara Limon, Programme Manager – Private Sector, at Age UK. 

The Money Advice Service, the statutory body responsible for financial capability is currently developing a new strategy for the UK.  But just what does an age-friendly financial capability strategy look like?

Contrary to the stereotype of later life as a time of stagnation, as we age we may need to adjust to events such as falling income, changing health, the need to care for a partner or bereavement.  At the same time, the external world continues to present new challenges, as technologies and the prevailing economic conditions change for good or ill.200x160_money

Age UK’s Planning for Later Life project, funded by Prudential, is designed to help people adapt to just some of these challenges.  Initially piloted with 11 local Age UKs across England and Wales, to date it has helped 2,590 older people through face to face advice sessions, home visits and telephone support. From January 2014 we will be rolling it out more widely. Continue reading “Age-friendly financial capability”