Guest Blog: Aspirational products for older people: What are we waiting for?

The guest blog is written by Anna McConnell, a Product and Service Research Associate with Engage Business Network, Age UK. She is working on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership between Brunel University and Age UK.

Assistive living products are devices or systems that allow a person to perform a task that they would otherwise be unable to do, or increase the ease and safety with which the task can be performed.

Recent focus groups conducted by Coventry University, Age UK and Grandparents Plus as part of CoModal: Consumer Models of Assisted Living, a research project that explores the development of a consumer market for assisted living technologies suggests that many users, carers and prospective users believe that these products are often unattractive, stigmatising and expensive: ‘Some people find them embarrassing… my sister has one [raised toilet seat], because she’s got arthritis, but if she’s got visitors she takes it off.’ ‘Absolutely disgusting.’ Continue reading “Guest Blog: Aspirational products for older people: What are we waiting for?”