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Guest blog: Enabling older people to flourish in the new age of data driven technologies

Photo credit: Elif Ayiter, Flickr creative Commons

This blog post was contributed by Barbara Limon, Interim Head of Public Policy at the British Academy

Barely a day goes by without a news story about the robots taking over or discussion around the influence firms like Facebook and Google now wield. We have reached a critical moment in the development of data science and data-enabled technologies. Continue reading

Too old and ugly to be useful? Challenging negative representations of older people

This guest blog was contributed by Dr Ilona Haslewood, Programme Manager at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

As part of the latest British Academy Debates series on ageing on 26 March, five contributors, including myself, discussed representations of older people  in literature, arts, culture and the media, under the somewhat challenging title of ‘Too old and ugly to be useful?. Ultimately, it was a foregone conclusion from the start: none of us could disagree with the basic claim that current representations are still overwhelmingly negative, showing older age as a period of decline, something to be fearful of. So what’s there to learn, then? A lot, it seems, both from history and from the present.

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