A dream retirement – or a chilly future?

Moving to a park home can be a dream retirement for many people – an affordable way of downsizing to a friendly and attractive location. It’s estimated that around 160,000 people live in park homes in England.

But it can also have challenges, and one of these is keeping warm in the winter. A park homeAge UK has been contacted by a number of older residents of park homes in connection with our warm homes campaign.

I just want to mention the millions of forgotten elderly throughout the country who live in Park Homes where cavity wall and loft insulation do not apply. No one considers them!

I live in a Park Home and we, as a group of older people, have even greater problems… My winter bills are in excess for £140 per month. We would just like some help to make our homes more energy efficient. Continue reading “A dream retirement – or a chilly future?”

Rural living – a challenge for many of England’s older people

This blog was contributed by Alice Woudhuysen, Senior Campaigner at Age UK.

It’s a well-known fact that we live in a rapidly ageing society, to the extent that by 2083, about one in three people in the UK will be over 60 (ONS 2009).

Rural image 1This is, of course, a significant advancement and cause for celebration: longer lives represent progress and older people are big contributors to society.

Perhaps less well known is the fact that rural communities are ageing faster than their urban counterparts, with the number of people aged 85+ set to increase by 186 per cent by 2028 in rural areas, compared with just 149 per cent in the UK as a whole (Oxford Consultants for Social Inclusion, for Cabinet Office, 2009). This is down to rising life expectancy, the outward migration of younger people to cities and the inward migration of people entering middle age to the countryside. Continue reading “Rural living – a challenge for many of England’s older people”

Wise up to Rural Ageing!

This guest blog was contributed by Jan Bailey; Coordinator of the Over the hill? Ageing in rural England campaign. She previously worked with the Rural Media Company on Travellers Remember project.

Rural retirement is the dream of many an urban dweller.  In fact, in a recent survey 57% of those over 55s questioned stated that the idea of moving to a rural area in their retirement was either appealing or very appealing,

Perhaps this is not surprising when one considers the way that rural life is depicted on our TV screens.  Rolling countryside, beautiful scenery, wholesome country folk and traditional lifestyles all contribute to the vision of a great place to retire.

Undoubtedly, the reality does often live up to the dream –especially for those in their middle years who are fit and able and willing to get involved with their local communities.

However, for the frail, immobile or isolated, rural living can present difficulties not always appreciated by the aspiring rural retiree. Continue reading “Wise up to Rural Ageing!”