Guest blog – Sponsor a Grandparent

This guest blog was contributed by Jane Fearnley-Whittingstall, award winning gardener and author of the Good Granny Guide who recently visited projects in Ethiopia funded by the Sponsor a Grandparent scheme.

First impression of Addis Ababa:  dazzling sunshine and a chaotic kaleidoscope of colour. Ethiopian women love to wear bright, strong, clashing shades of blue, green.

Before we left home, friends said, ‘you’ll find the poverty distressing.’ But somehow I don’t. Yes, there is dire poverty, and grandparents go hungry so their grandchildren can eat, and so they can go to school (school is free, but the uniform, the exercise books and school dinners are not). We came to Ethiopia to see projects funded by Age UK and Help Age International – projects planned specifically to help grandparents who are caring for their grandchildren. The dignity and fortitude of the grandmothers in overcoming their problems are heart-warming and inspiring. They manage to make a little help go a long way., shocking pink, gold, orange, purple. This, and their smiling faces, make it difficult to remember we’re in the poorest country in Africa. Continue reading “Guest blog – Sponsor a Grandparent”