Tackling dementia: the next big issue of the 21st century?

Age UK has recently launched the most comprehensive synthesis of evidence into the Health outcomes of older people, which looks at trends between 2005 and 2012. What it shows is that dementia is one of the next big challenges of the 21st century. Like cancer 20 years ago, we need to get to grips with this disease and begin to tackle it head on.

The numbers have been widely reported, but they are stark – we have roughly 800 000 people with dementia and this predicted to increase to just under 2 million by 2050. The chance of having dementia goes from 1 in 20 at 65 to 1 in 3 by the time you reach 90. This rise in numbers is going to have a huge impact on our society.

If we’re going to support the numbers of people with dementia in the future and ultimately find a way of treating the disease, what is required is a ‘step change’ in our collective mind set. One of the reasons we’ve made such good progress in fighting cancer is because of the very successful campaigns and initiatives that have fostered collective action across all parts of society to unite and do something about it – be that fundraising, research, improved treatment in hospital, better care for people suffering for the disease. We need this level of awareness and action to create change in the treatment and support of dementia. Continue reading “Tackling dementia: the next big issue of the 21st century?”