Will the sensors look after us?

This guest blog was contributed by Dr Maggie Mort, Reader, and Dr Celia Roberts, Senior Lecturer, of Lancaster University.

There seems to be an assumption everywhere that ‘doing more for less’ is in itself a virtue. Take telecare (the provision of home care at a distance by means of devices linked to a central call centre). It is said that this will enable economies of scale because large numbers of people (who may be chronically ill or frail) can be monitored in their own homes at the same time, making services more efficient.

There will be less need, it is argued, for home visits by paid carers and healthcare workers. Sensors placed around the home will detect problems such as gas leaks, falls or restlessness. It is claimed that these systems will give peace of mind and crucially enable older people to stay in their own homes for longer, rather than have to move into residential care. Continue reading “Will the sensors look after us?”