Missing a Trick – The Older Consumers Business Forgot

In case you hadn’t heard, the UK is getting older. There are now more people in the UK aged 60 and over than there are under 18. That number is projected to rise by over 50% in the next 25 years .

And, if those statistics aren’t impressive enough, in 2010, as a group, they spent £111 billion – a not insignificant sum by anyone’s calculation, particularly in these straitened times.

So, it would seem common sense that everyday services and goods, automated or not, from mobile phones to booking cinema tickets or paying bills, should all be designed to be easily accessible to this growing section of the population..

Sadly, that’s not generally not the case.

Age UK is regularly contacted by older people who are perpetually frustrated at their experiences trying to carry out every day chores whether it be doing the shopping or contacting their energy provider or bank.

Automated phone systems seem to be especially disliked. They are hard to use for those with hearing problems. The multiple choices they offer can be confusing and frustrating and not just for those in later life. Continue reading “Missing a Trick – The Older Consumers Business Forgot”