Ageing and sight loss – no time like the present

This blog post was contributed by Libby Archer, Research manager at Age UK. 

UK Vision Strategy organises the leading annual national conference for the eye health and sight loss sectors. The 2016 event, held on 16 June in London, pushed boundaries for implementing the UK Vision Strategy. Success will depend on engagement by multiple stakeholders across the wider health and social care sectors as well as the sight loss sector. Collaboration was the theme of the day. Continue reading “Ageing and sight loss – no time like the present”

Guest blog: Support for blind and vision impaired veterans

Kitchen skills

This week we have a guest blog from Julie McCarthy, Head of Welfare Policy, at Blind Veterans UK. In this post Julie talks about the importance of ensuring people with sight loss are able to access vital support.Being able to live confidently and independently is so important, particularly for those living with severe sight loss. The loss of sight can often leave people isolated and feeling as though they cannot do basic things for themselves around the home or carry on with activities and hobbies that they enjoy. This doesn’t need to be the case. Continue reading “Guest blog: Support for blind and vision impaired veterans”

How good design can help people with sight loss and dementia

Lighting in drawer
Lighting in drawers can help older people to navigate their homes

This is a guest blog from Sue Cooper, media advisor at Thomas Pocklington Trust. Sue shares with us new insights into how to improve the independence of people with dementia and sight loss.

New advice was published last month on ways to make our homes – whether private homes or care homes – easier and safer to live in for older people. Continue reading “How good design can help people with sight loss and dementia”