Winter fuel payments – a necessity for millions

Winter radiator - Photo: HarlanH via Flickr
Photo: HarlanH via Flickr

With the recent Comprehensive Spending Review protecting universal benefits for older people for example the Winter Fuel Payment, there has been lots of debate about whether better-off older people really need these payments. Opinion is divided on the issue – including among older people.  Peter Preston in the Guardian argued that those older people who could afford it should donate their Winter Fuel Payments to charities – one such scheme has now opened in SomersetContinue reading “Winter fuel payments – a necessity for millions”

Cold comfort

It’s going to be a cold winter. Or at least that’s what I’ve read in the papers – based on varying predictions to do with cold wind from Siberia or lots of berries on holly trees. Or maybe just memories of last winter.

Age UK campaigners outside Parliament for Spread the Warmth day of action

Whether those dire predictions come true or not, I’m going to make another which will sadly almost certainly come true: tens of thousands of older people will die this winter. Those deaths aren’t inevitable. But they’re probably going to happen anyway unless we do something about it.

Figures from the Office of National Statistics released this morning showed 23,100 excess winter deaths of people aged 65 and over occurred in England and Wales last winter.  This rather clinical phrase refers to the number of extra deaths over the four winter months (December to March) minus the average of non-winter deaths (from April to July of this year and August to November of last year). The figure averages about 30,000 deaths every winter. Continue reading “Cold comfort”