Pledge to tackle winter deaths

This week saw the launch of Age UK’s Spread the Warmth Winter Pledge. We  are campaigning for MPs to use their influence to make sure older people have the local support they need during the winter months. An estimated 4.8 million older people live in fuel poverty, where they spend more than 10% of their income on their fuel bills. With rising fuel prices, there is considerable concern that older people will struggle to keep their homes warm this winter.

Age UK is asking MPs to sign up to our pledge to reduce winter deaths, demonstrating their commitment to the reduction of fuel poverty within their community.

By signing this pledge MPs will be committing to:

  1. Raise awareness of the dangers to health of cold weather and cold homes.
  2. Work with their local Age UK to tackle the local priorities for older people.
  3. Challenge energy providers to produce simple tariffs to make it easier for  people to lower their bills.
  4. Promote preventative measures that older people can take before a cold  spell.
  5. Encourage all sectors of the local community to make tacking winter deaths a priority.
  6. To ensure that all my constituents are prepared for winter.

We hope that by encouraging MPs to take local action, we will make sure that older people all over England have the support they need to stay warm and well this winter.

Ask your MP to sign up to our Winter Pledge

Find out more about our Spread the Warmth campaign